The Kingdom Healer
Hi there! My name is Letao, a spiritual counsellor specialized in professional tarot, astrology and numerology.

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Having been commited to my psychic career for over 10 years, I use Astrology, Tarot and other forms of divination to intuit and communicate very private and distinct messages for each individual client.

The sensitive nature of my reading requires a non-judgemental perspective: Holding the space for emotional support and empowerment. I bring new perspectives on how to access innate wisdom in order to amplify one’s personal power and heart-based self knowledge.

What else? 
👨‍🎓Master in Counselling (Monash University, AU)
👨‍🎓Master in Translating & Interpreting (Maquariue University, AU)
👨‍🎓Advanced Diploma in Applied Astrology (AstroSynthesis, AU)
👨‍🎓Member of Hong Kong Society of Counselling and Psychology (No.0161)
👨‍🎓Member of Australian Counselling Association (No.IN1641)
🏅Horoscope columnist 2021/2022 (HK Living Magazine)
🏅Best Astrologer and Tarot specialist 2021 (HKMOB, HK)
🏅Spiritual Guide of the Year 2020 (Liv Magazine, HK)
🏅Hong Kong Influencers Award 2020 (HK Living Magazine, HK)
🏅Hong Kong Influencers Award 2019 (HK Living Magazine, HK)

Spiritual reading is my calling to bring healing and love

The Kingdom Healer

Since the beginning of my spiritual journey, I have been offering authentic spiritual readings for nearly a decade, providing insight and guidance to clients on a range of topics not limited to common areas like love & relationships, careers, family and past lives. The sensitive nature of the work makes it a deep emotional and thoughtful connection between me and the client, taking us to the next level to reach clarity, understanding and peace.

Reading with Letao’s astrological and Tarot analysis helps with our self-awareness and our higher purpose

  • Resolve to build confidence and courage
  • Developing our intuitive responses
  • Release fear of unknown
  • Establish acceptance and non-judgemental perception
  • Develop compassion & empathy
The Kingdom Healer

Reading with Letao is not a mere way to predict the future, but a process of discovery

The Kingdom Healer

Many people come to me with questions and concerns about their job, love life and families. They sit in front of me, on one hand, eager to get an answer; on the other hand looking frightened to hear the answer. “Are the cards going to decide my future?” “Will the reading give any negative impact on me?” are always common concerns from my clients.

Astrology and divination cards readings are 2 ways to give guidance to our soul. I provide a safe, comfortable and totally private environment to guide you towards the right path. In fact, the path is already there…sometimes we simply just need to see it. Astrology and tarot have helped many people go through tough times, and more importantly, it is a torch in the dark for us, so that we can see who we are, what we are looking for and where we are heading.

I hope through your reading with me, you will be able to find your true self, which will give you confidence, security and peace of mind.